Projects I support

I am a firm believer in that open source, and self hosted services is the best way to not only bring back our privacy online. But also take control and influence back from the biggest companies in the world. I have over the years supported a lot of free and open source projects.

Here are some projects that I think you should check out, and pay up


Free and open source media server. It is like Plex, just without the subscription, and without the constantly adding off features you don’t want.. It offers more flexibility and have a great community behind it.
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Free and open source photo manager. Google photos is one of googles best products, and it is hard to find a good subsitute. Photoprism seems to be the best off the bunch. Good import from GPhotos, fast and modern web, built in webdav for sync and soon Android and IOS app. They have some image recognition already enabled, but are working on even more. Theck out their roadmap.
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Desktop environment, open source, fast and beautiful.
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Decentralized social media platform.
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