Tools for Selhosted Heroes

I have been selfhosted some services for about 10 years. I started with Plex and a blog, and it slowly grew from there. Now I host a bunch of services.. But some services are harder to host internal on your network then others. The two big ones in my mind is backup and monitoring. Last weekend I finally found some providers that checks all my boxes ✅.


I wanted something that was based around borg backup, located in Europe, not owned by a huge corporation, and a company with a good track record.
I landed on, provided by the company peakford. A malta based company that has been around for around for a while.

I think the prices are fair.

Uptime monitoring

Like a good self hoster I want to have the monitoring and alerting for my services located outside my home. I did however not want to spend 5$ every month for a server that was using just a couple MB of ram. I ended ut using Pikapods. They offer silly low prices for a small managed instance of uptime Kuma.
Price uptime Kuma
With notification over mail(smtp), when something goes down (or up), this is all I need.
This works as expected, and I’m a happy camper.