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  • Bluetooth Treadmill Confusion

    Last year we both a treadmill. This is how I got introduced to the clusterfuck that is bluetooth standards on treadmills and sport watches. Bluetooth standards To understand what the problem is, we first have to understand the different BT standards. The two main ones we need to have a look at is RSCP – […]

  • Tools for Selhosted Heroes

    I have been selfhosted some services for about 10 years. I started with Plex and a blog, and it slowly grew from there. Now I host a bunch of services.. But some services are harder to host internal on your network then others. The two big ones in my mind is backup and monitoring. Last […]

  • Year in sport struggler edition.

    Fisefint år. Solid og god trening treningsvinteren 20/21. Mål for endringer fra forrige mengdetreningsperiode: Lavere instensitet på øktene. Går fra fire økter i uka på fire dager. Til seks økter på tre dager. Lavere terskel for å ta fridager. Resultat for 2021: Fornøyd med tiden på 10000m. Elendig NM. Mål for resultat 2022: Sub 31 […]

  • Adizero adios 6 test

    Inspirert av Erik Johannes sin test av sko , ble jeg inspirert til å skrive noen ord om den relativt nye skoen Adios 6. Det er ingen hemmelighet at jeg er ihuga tilhenger av Adidas, så ta denne “testen” med en klype . Det er vel nyttig å forklare litt hvorfor jeg liker Adidas så […]

  • How to update Nikon Z mirrorless on Linux

    In typical fashion Linux is not mentioned on the Nikon Firmware update page. And they do not give a link to download the .bin file that is neccessary to update the camera. The .bin files is however just embedded compressed in the .exe file. So it is pretty easy to make extract it for linux. […]

  • Self hosted convert sync service

    About half a year ago my girlfriend needed a ebook reader for her PHD studies. Being the FOSS nerd I am, I started looking for a reader that played nicely with self-hosted services. I could not find any readers that fit the FOSS bill perfect, but ended up going for one of the readers from […]

  • Projects I support

    I am a firm believer in that open source, and self hosted services is the best way to not only bring back our privacy online. But also take control and influence back from the biggest companies in the world. I have over the years supported a lot of free and open source projects. Here are […]

  • How to build jftui on Fedora

    Just noting this down, to anybody in the same boat. sudo dnf install yajl-devel libcurl-devel mpv-libs-devel git clone cd jftui make && sudo make install

  • How to fix delay on Hifiberry bluetooth

    This also works on other distros using bluealsa Edit the file /usr/lib/systemd/system/bluealsa.service [Unit] Description=BlueALSA Requires=a2dp-agent.service After=a2dp-agent.service [Service] ExecStartPre=/opt/hifiberry/bin/bootmsg “Starting bluealsa” ExecStart=/usr/bin/bluealsa -i hci0 -p a2dp-sink –a2dp-volume –pcm-buffer-time=0.1 RestartSec=5 Restart=always TimeoutStopSec=10 [Install] THe only thing I have added from native is –pcm-buffer-time=0.1 If you don’t have any stutter, you could probably try to 0.05 also, […]

  • Fiio BTR 5 Linux

    Just a quick writeup about the fixes that needs to be done to enjoy the fantastic little dac/amp on linux. USB Cable When using in cable mode, pulseaudio suspends the source if you are not playing anything on it. This results in some nasty disconnect. When you start playing audio again, pulseaudio reengages the dac. […]