I wanted to set up tandoor using podman-compose, but had some small problems. I'm using the stock docker-compose file from the projects doc and podman running on Alma Linux 9 (EL9)

Lets get started.

Pull down the files

# docker-compose.yml file
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vabene1111/recipes/develop/docs/install/docker/plain/docker-compose.yml
# .env file:
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vabene1111/recipes/develop/.env.template -O .env

Changes in the files


I changed the nginx_recipes container to run on port 8088 instead of 80. For systemd file sto work I also had to remove the depends_on section for web_recipes and nginx_recipes.



Pull and start

# Pull containers
docker-compose pull
# Start containers
docker-compose up -d

Generate systemd files

# move into systemd user config files. Create folder if not available.
cd ~/.config/systemd/user/

# Generate systemd files
podman generate systemd --new --files --name tandoor_db_recipes_1 
podman generate systemd --new --files --name tandoor_nginx_recipes_1 
podman generate systemd --new --files --name tandoor_web_recipes_1 

Stop podman-compose services

First cd back to directory where podman-compose is.

podman-compose stop

Start systemd services

systemctl --user start container-tandoor_db_recipes_1.service
systemctl --user start container-tandoor_nginx_recipes_1.service
systemctl --user start container-tandoor_web_recipes_1.service
  • Check that everything works as expected.

Enable systemd services on boot

systemctl --user enable container-tandoor_db_recipes_1.service
systemctl --user enable container-tandoor_nginx_recipes_1.service
systemctl --user enable container-tandoor_web_recipes_1.service


Make sure to backup you

  • .env
  • docker-compose.yml
  • mediafiles dir.
  • db

Creating db backup

We need to dump the postgres database to take backup of it. This is how I did it.

Create db dump script

Inside the directory that docker-compose.yml is in create file pg_backup.sh. Make this the content, and make sure to change the BACKUP_DIR path.


TIMESTAMP=$(date +"%Y%m%d%H%M%S")

# Ensure backup directory exists
mkdir -p $BACKUP_DIR

# Backup
podman exec $CONTAINER_NAME pg_dumpall -U djangouser > $BACKUP_DIR/backup_$TIMESTAMP.sql

echo "Backup taken at $TIMESTAMP"

Create folder for backup

Inside docker-compose dir, create a backup folder.

Create systemd service and timer

Create the file ~/.config/systemd/user/backup-tandoor.service, with the content following content: (make sure to change the ExecStart to your path).

Description=Backup PostgreSQL Database from Podman container


Create the file ~/.config/systemd/user/backup-tandoor.timer, with the content:

Description=Run backup-tandoor.service daily



Start systemd timer

Start and enable the unit files:

systemctl --user enable --now backup-tandoor.timer

Make sure to have a good backup strategy for the directory

That's it, go and cook some food.