Buying a treadmill in 2023

Buying a Treadmill in Norway in 2023

From time to time, I get asked which treadmill to buy. I don't typically run much inside, but in 2022, we bought a treadmill to be able to run when our daughter was asleep and it was only one of us at home. Being a nerd, I used some time to learn about the different treadmill technologies.

Of course, everyone's needs and wallets are different. This text is for someone who wants to buy a treadmill to have at home for a long time, doesn't care about how big it is, don't like doing much maintenance and doesn't mind spending too much money on it.

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Immich import machine

I have a Nikon Z 6 mirrorless camera. Im pretty happy with expect the lack of GPS. It really bugs me that I did not spend more money to remove the headache of manually having to tag my photos with GPS (or use the Nikon app on my phone).

It also bugs me that there is no good way to automate wifi upload from Nikon cameras to a sftp or smb share. So I have to use a memory card or cable.

To make the process simpler, I created some scripts to automatically import photos to Immich.

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Gpu lxc podman jellyfin passtrough

I've had a lot of headache using Jellyfin without GPU transcoding, trying to direct-play everything. I finally bit the bullet and bought a Intel Arc a380 GPU to be able to transcode everything. My previous setup used Jellyfin inside of Podman. I want to continue using this setup. This way I do not need to go trough the process of migrating my Jellyfin users and settings to a new setup.

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